Hero Stocks Inc is an online media company that publishes insights on topics of interest to investors. Its website provides an array of news, opinions and research on the world’s capital markets and economies. Each article is selected based on the informational and educational value for the investor.

Our mission is to give users the power to share and make the world’s financial communities more connected and accessible. As a strategic holding company, Hero Stocks Inc owns branded specialty divisions and manages strategic network partnerships. Collectively our sites and services provide a unique array of news and data on the world’s capital markets and economies.

If a company is featured in an article, there is no obligation for that company to purchase advertising space on our sites and Hero Stocks is in no way obligated to dedicate articles on companies that have purchased advertising space. Our content is freely accessible and advertising enables our editorial independence. In return, we are committed to delivering content made to the highest editorial standards.

Hero Stocks Inc is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario at 55 York St, Suite 402 M5J 1R7. You can email us at editor@herostocks.ca.

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