Alberta on Track for 200 Cannabis Stores by End of the Month

Alberta is crushing retail cannabis.

As Ontario struggles to open its 24th adult-use cannabis store for its population of 14.3M, Alberta is on track to licence 200 stores (for its population of 4.3M) by the end of the month.

Not only that, however—Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis says their supply remains strong.

They’re not willing to guarantee supplies will continue to proliferate, but the AGLC did note their online offerings have increased to 375 products from 65 last November.

See Inside Alberta Cannabis Stores

Meanwhile, Fire & Flower General Merchandise Manager Rob Cherry notes, “Each licence was allocated approximately eight times more in dry flower than they were back in April, which are the products in most demand.”

Spiritleaf Business Development Director Cecil Horwitz reported, “We’re essentially opening two to four stores a (month) right now. We’re really rolling.”


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