Marijuana Private Placement for Accredited Investors

Hero Stocks helps provide coverage on the best private placement opportunities and deals for accredited investor in the medical marijuana / cannabis industry. Learn why getting invested in private placements at the early stages of a marijuana based company can reward shareholders as the industry continues to become legalized for medical use.

This is an exciting time to be an accredited investor in the medical marijuana / cannabis sector and you should take the opportunity to evaluate these private placement while they are available during the early stages of financing required by these companies. The big fund managers are only entering the marijuana industry now and some are reluctant or cannot invest in private placements because of the lack of uncertainty around rules and regulation by the U.S. Federal Government. Once the big fund managers are given the green light to start investing in this sector, these early investors will benefit from the sectors growth and the share prices will rise with additional buying pressure coming from funds. Once that happens the market caps will rise to a point where the fund managers will be in a position to start getting invested in the marijuana sector.

They key to investing in the cannabis space is to identify several different companies which standout above the rest, get invested early enough (especially now that many of the company’s stock price have corrected) and then wait for the broker and institutional money to start aggressively buying the sector.

As an accredited investor in the cannabis industry you will come across many opportunities with companies looking for funding, a key success for any company is their approach to acquiring customers and plans for retention. We have spoken with many companies who are licensed producers and applicants under MMPR, and only a few have a well-defined customer intake/retention strategy from the beginning. Most are hoping to acquire customers with a “build it and they will come” strategy.

We are at the early stages of this industry and with over 800 applicants sitting with Health Canada hoping to get a producers license, we feel that the hardest driver of success will be the company’s strategy for acquiring and retaining customers. So one major contributing factor to choosing an investment in the medical marijuana industry is to choose a company with a great strategy that is executable. While the number of authorized producers should increase over time, there will be a small number of relatively niche producers (small scale and with few varieties) that will be quite successful. The companies who can retain the right customer, build a strong consumer brand with limited marketing tools and excel at customer service should do quite well over the next 3-5 years.

Canada and the United States have specific guidelines as to who is considered an accredited investor.  Please read an overview of what the Accredited Investor Guidelines are for your specific country to see if you qualify for any Marijuana, Cannabis or Hemp related private placements.  Also remember, any investment in private placements do come with some risk, please consult your financial adviser before making any investments in any of these marijuana related private placement investment opportunities.

Coming soon: other medical marijuana private placement offerings for accredited investors.

There are a couple of other companies which will be raising capital soon that also look very exciting.  We are evaluating them at the moment and once they are ready we will be sharing the opportunity with accredited investors and connect them to the company.

Another company owns, operates and manages marijuana related real estate, much like a REIT.  They are looking to expand and will be raising funds in the near future.

There are a few other opportunities that will be available shortly with vertically integrated products and services in the Medical Cannabis Industry and is available for accredited investors.  Information on various investment opportunities for accredited investors will be available in our newsletter, join our newsletter on the homepage and please visit the site frequently for more details and updated opportunities.

If you are a Canadian accredited investor and want to hear to hear about our upcoming private placement opportunities, email us at or sign up for our newsletter here. Note private placements involve risks, as the companies that are financed can perform poorly, and can be highly illiquid.

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